Your muscles and skeleton can be damaged by the wear and tear of daily activities or trauma from sport. Podiatrykinetic wants to ensure that you consistently perform at your best, whether it be on the sports field or at your place of work.

With a more sedimentary lifestyle experienced by most within the workplace and home, fitness levels, in terms of injury prevention, are far from optimal. Therefore, the physically demanding atmosphere of both your workplace and local sports field could leave you with a predisposition to a musculoskeletal and/or a sports injury affecting the leg and foot.

Our podiatrist works intimately with General Practitioners (GPs) and other Allied Health professionals especially with Physiokinetic, to assist in preventing your injuries from reoccurring. Podiatrykinetic prides itself on the early diagnosis and implementation of treatment comprising of stretching, strengthening and fitness advice to enable you to achieve a quick recovery from injury and maintain optimal fitness.