Speed up your recovery process with PHYSIOKINETIC

It can take longer if you ignore your injury too long.

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Exercises for recovery Should Be Simple and Easy

You will be provided with simple and easy individualised exercise program for your rapid recovery.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation takes up to 30 mins depending on your condition. The Initial session consists of interview / assessment / treatment and exercise prescription.

Standard Consultation

Standard consultation takes 20mins. The follow up sessions include Re-assessment / treatment / review and progression of exercise program.

Workcover / TAC

Receive your physiotherapy treatments under workcover/TAC claim. There is no gap payment for Workcover/TAC treatment.

Self Management Plan

PHYSIOKINETIC will give you tailored exercise program and ongoing support.

  • Easy to remember
  • Ongoing support
  • Short and long term goal setting
  • Objective outcome measures for self-check

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